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Triangle Native American Society

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peach brown round bullet What's New with TNAS?

*Please continue to check the website for future events and the CIA calendar of events.

peach brown round bulletWho we are- History and Identity of TNAS
  • The Triangle Native American Society (TNAS) is an urban tribal organization. In 1983, a group of individuals assembled to organize a society for American Indian people living in the Triangle area.
  • The Triangle Native American Society, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1985 to promote and protect the identity of Native Americans in the Triangle area of North Carolina.
  • Triangle Native American Society achieved state recognition as an Urban Indian Organization from the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs in March 2000.
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peach brown round bulletMISSION OF TNAS

The Triangle Native American Society (TNAS) is a visionary entity empowering American Indian people residing in the Triangle Community to become resilient leaders advocating for educational advancement, economic sufficiency, self-determination and cultural inclusiveness and awareness by capitalizing and building upon the strengths of the community and the infrastructure that promotes and encourages the blending of diverse groups.

peach brown round bullet Purpose of TNAS

  • The purpose of the TNAS is to act as the official governing urban Indian organization in the triangle community. Furthermore, the organization seeks to unite American Indians together bridging various unique culture and traditional blends while holistically attending to the needs of the Indian population residing in the community. These will be accomplished by the following:

    1. To obtain and administer funds to address the needs of the Indian constituency residing in the triangle community;
    2. To provide residents residing in the triangle community information and referral services;
    3. To educate, stimulate and cultivate cultural awareness through programming and other forms of media;
    4. To promote unity and leadership to achieve political and developmental strength while providing effective advocacy for the American Indian population; and
    5. To further strength educational achievement through providing a culturally relevant learning community.

peach brown round bullet TNAS Leadership for 2014-2015

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peach brown round bulletTNAS Meetings & Directions

Members meet on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM, at the Indian Education Center at 201 Avery Street, Garner, NC.

Here is a map courtesy of MapQuest:
  • If you have any questions please contact TNAS via e-mail.
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    Please continue to check the website for future events.


    peach brown round bulletTNAS Contact Information:
    Triangle Native American Society
    P.O. Box 26841
    Raleigh, NC 27611

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