Erase Stereotypes and Myths About Native Americans

Help Dispel Stereotypes!

·        Western North Carolina Citizens For An End To Institutional Bigotry (WNCCEIB)

·        American Indian Sports Team Mascots Educators Resource Page

·        Stereotypes of Native Americans Web Page

·        STAR – Students and Teachers Against Racism

·        Smithsonian Institution’s Anthropology Outreach Erasing Native American Stereotypes

peach brown round bulletClarify the Thanksgiving Myth!

·        Thanksgiving Information

·        This website is sponsored by the Pilgrim Hall Museum and speaks about the National Day of Mourning that Thanksgiving represents about the oppression of Native Americans

·        Are You Teaching the Real Story of the “First Thanksgiving”?

·        National Museum of the American Indian’s page of educational resources under materials for teachers you will find excellent teaching sources like the link about the Harvest Myth Beyond Thanksgiving

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