Expressing Personality In Application Essay

I think it’s important to keep in mind that application essay is really like the first opportunity for us to get to know you better we’re not able to meet every single one of you in person so can I think of it from that perspective as you’re writing also as the reader is and the admissions officers you know that’s typically our first point of real contact with you so you want to make a good first impression and just want to keep that in the back of your head as you’re constructing your essay so how should students balance talking about their academic and career interests so your intellectual spark and talking about significant life events or experiences what’s the balance there I think we talked about a little bit earlier in the alluded to you know you don’t have to talk about significant obstacles or hardships that you’ve overcome.

We want you to have the freedom to explore and talk about whatever it is that you want to share with us whether that’s an academic and career interest or whether that’s something that has had a significant impact on you or your family and while you were growing up so if you’re talking about completing more towards the academic and career at your side you can keep in mind that your application if there are other pieces of it where you could talk about you know those activities and those interests and your passions there the short answers are a good way for you to highlight some of your passions and interests also and so you don’t necessarily want to repeat something that you’ve already maybe mentioned in the short answer and let’s talk about it again your biographical essay so I think that’s kind of the balance that you want to keep in mind as well and as grace mentioned earlier you know keeping that tone positive if you are opting to talk about something that you’ve experienced that was very difficult for you and it’s difficult you know decision that you had to mate or something like that.

And we want to see personal growth we want to see that you’ve learned from your and that you’re not still kind of dwelling on the past and what happened back then first is you know what you can gain from all your experience and how you can move forward from here on out yeah I mean I think that for the biographical essay the majority of students do tend to focus more on their family and life experience it’s a little bit more than their academics just because as vanessa was saying the trend your transcript and your activities and those parts of the application already speak volumes about your commitment to academics and your performance today and so so if you’re like trying to get more personal but it’s good to just share a little bit more about your background and just try to think of it from the perspective of am I being very clear in my application about Who I am.

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