Moments To Remember From Plagiarism Checker

Balance what your balance is is basically the coins are incoming but there are not confirmed and you’re unlocked balance is confirmed your confirmed balance so that means you can send whatever amount is in the long balance out to anybody or to an exchange if you liked this video please hit the thumbs up button make sure to subscribe leave a comment down below and don’t forget to check out the links in the description and I’ll see you guys wills and today.

I’m going to be telling you how to check your IELTS writing task essay for mistakes so the IELTS writing exam if you want to find out information about it you can go to our website ted is calm and you can look around lots of great guides about how to structure it how to analyze the question everything you can imagine about the IELTS writing exam but today I’m going to be giving you a checklist this checklist is to help you when you finish writing figure out what you’ve maybe missed or anything that you’ve done wrong it can be really difficult to actually.

look back at your own writing Robot Don and tell whether you’ve made any mistakes or not that’s true even for native speakers like myself but it’s important you go through and you look for everything so today we’re gonna talk about things you can look for obviously you can’t take this list into the exam with you but if you practice it you’ll hopefully remember it and it will be easier when you’re sitting doing the exam at the end to take some time and go through this stuff and see if you made any mistakes that you can change to bring your grade up a level so number one we’ll be looking at today’s.

Did you directly answer the question and this is really important so one of the things we examine in the IELTS exam is task achievement did you really understand and answer the question it’s worth looking at this at the end of the exam as well obviously.

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