Using Forward References

The thing you can do in contributions is to use forward references so here are what let’s see here in the examples that I’ve given I’ve given examples here in which each claim like these are like claims it’s like the specification for a program for every claim I give a forward reference right and over here what did I say you know blah blah blah in sections 5 & 6 this in contrastive in section 7 so for every time I make a claim I make a forward reference to the evidence for that claim now how many of you read this stuff in blue in papers. Learn more about references in researches at Edusson.

At the end of the introduction is this paragraph that says the rest of this picture is structured as follows Tudor’s if section 3 does their section four does this how many of you read that section with your heart pounding in your chest thinking whoa this is a paragraph that I really want to read because it’s going to make my life better you skip it don’t you every time you start that paragraph you think I’ll just skip it I’m going to go to the beginning section two and these are the words that appear we’re on page one your hundred reader page right so you’ve taken your most precious words and you’ve devoted them to a purpose which nobody literally nobody reads why would you do that it seems to make scholarly sense but in my view is just a waste of space so instead use your list of contributions right because then it’s not only making having a sort of narrative flow like this that people actually want to read it’s got some semantic content.

But also every time you make a claim you’ve got a forward reference to the evidence and that’s so helpful for a reader right so they don’t have to work out work it and then you can also say ha sections three four and five are not mentioned in my list of contributions mmm I wonder if sections 3 4 and 5 belong in this paper entirely what would happen if I left them out you see what I mean you can sort of do a dead like a garbage collection on your paper no references to it it’s out but of course sometimes you need some background section something to set up so it’s not it’s not it’s not a shortcut but that’s the idea okay that’s it so that’s all about introduc any questions about this sort of first introductory page stuff or comments indeed yeah good question yeah so the question is do you would you I said like the abstract at the end should you like the introduction at the end or when you when you that is when you finish the paper and end in time time time scale or at the beginning actually here I would suggest that you would least write the list of contributions upfront right because that’s the driving force.

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